So… I’ve written and recorded another song? That’s sort of out of character. And unlike the song I wrote yesterday, which was the first song on the record, this is the last one. I’m bookending the thing. Now I just need a middle! Which is, of course, the hardest part. But still! 

Paris Hotel Wars – It Ended On The Beach

I actually came up with the basics of this song last night after I’d finished up the blog post. I was just messing around with adding delay and distortion to some instruments and came up with the basic melody. Oh yes, I’ve also added an artificial challenge to the creation of the Paris Hotel Wars record, which is that everything on it needs to be keyboard-based except for the vocals. Meaning no guitars or basses, which are the instruments I’m more comfortable on. 

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you may be thinking to yourself: an artificial challenge? Do you really need any more of those? You did, after all, start a blog based on an insanely artificial challenge, namely releasing five albums in a one year. Well, astute imaginary reader, yes. I do need another challenge. Here are two reasons:

1) My Saga City record has guitar on every song. Someone asked me a while back, “if Saga City is just you, and Paris Hotel Wars is just you, what’s the difference?” I didn’t have a satisfactory answer. Now I have an unsatisfactory and slightly arbitrary one.

2) I’ve spoken before about how much I believe in limitations. I think most of the greatest art, and indeed many of the greatest achievements, are eked out against all odds within strictures and limitations, whether imposed by necessity or choice. So yes, I’m going to invent my own obstacles and try to overcome them. 

I can’t be absolutely sure of this, but I’d place a lot of money on there not being a third song tomorrow night. Thanks for the comments yesterday, people. Nice to know the Internet still talks back.