Well, I haven’t had a moment to make any more music since last we spoke. But I’m still feeling energized. I got some specific feedback and suggestions on the second track (‘It Ended on the Beach’) which I’ll try and put into action at some point in the next week. 

Despite the obvious reality that there are very few days left in this year, and that most of those are already accounted for by merriment, I’m still living in hope that I can crank out a few more songs. There are some already in the can that I’ve revisited and feel enough about that I think they’ll make the PHW record. 

And just to reiterate something I said a while back: although I didn’t come anywhere near my goal for this project, I’m still going to deliver these albums. Just on a slightly extended timescale. So yeah – if I don’t speak to you again before the year is out, thank you all for your support and your help with everything. 

FiveFourElevenAndABit lives on.