Well, it’s almost over. For real, this time. Two more days and I’ll be out of room to achieve a five-album 2011. Any chance of a last-minute renaissance is passed, but I did manage to write another PHW tune, which I began recording at my parent’s place. It still needs some structuring – as in, the chorus needs to be more delineated, and it needs a better ending. But I think I like it.

Paris Hotel Wars – Swayed By Trees

Why am I singing about leafy green trees as the winter comes down around me? Maybe that’s why. I have no idea. The chorus bit (I swear it’s a chorus bit) occurred to me in the shower, and I figured I should put it down as it arrived.

I read something that Chris Martin said about writing the song ‘Yellow’ – which is actually a fairly inscrutable tune, lyrically, if you think about it – which amounted to, “I have no idea why it’s Yellow, but the song demanded that it be Yellow, so it’s Yellow.” I think that jibes with my understanding of the songwriting process at this point: if a song shows up, you don’t ask it any questions, you just direct it into the nearest recording device and try to clean up afterwards.

So that’s probably it for Paris Hotel Wars in 2011. More to come in 2012. I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll with writing and finding a sound for this record, so I’m going to keep pushing on it. And tonight I’m going to record a track with Broke, which should be as much fun as ever. Hopefully I can grab some of our older tracks from Rich and start working on turning them into a (somewhat) cohesive record.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and are looking forward to making a series of very bad decisions on New Year’s Eve. I might post the Broke track tomorrow if I wake up.