Well, here we are. The year’s done. I’m at my sister’s house waiting for people to arrive and the metaphorical ball to drop.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about where I was a year ago. I was considering a very silly idea: record and release five albums in four genres in one year. And I was thinking then about how little I had accomplished in the previous year, and how much more I believed I could do.

Well, for those of you who’ve followed this blog, you know that I didn’t manage to get most of those records together. But I am proud of what I managed to accomplish this year. It wasn’t everything I hoped for, but it was a lot.

I was chatting with my friend Allan yesterday, and he mentioned a post in which I talked about saying yes to things. That’s probably the major lesson I’ve learned from this year: it’s usually a simple choice between saying yes and finding out what happens next and saying no and remaining comfortable.

I love comfort. It’s a great feeling to know what happened yesterday and to be able to predict what tomorrow will look like with a fair degree of accuracy. But it’s amazing what can come about when you risk the unknown by asking it into your life.

I want to thank, one last time in 2011, all the people who offered me support, ideas, and time. It means more than I can say that you were willing to offer your valuable moments to pay attention to my vague struggles, and that you were there to help me through the inevitable pain of failures and to help mark the occasional success.

I said a while back that I’m not going to let this blog lapse in 2012, and I stand by that. You can still expect four more albums, and I’m hoping I get at least one of them to you soon. For now, I hope you’re all enjoying the last few hours of this great year, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012.