One of my favourite artists is also one of my best friends: Allan Lewis, who records as Van der Saar, is a prodigiously talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. I’ve had the pleasure of following his growth since the days when he would hand me cassette tapes (it’s this plastic box with spools of magnetic material inside that was used to reproduce sounds… Never mind) with his four track recordings on them. I thought they were exceptional. I still do.

And now further proof of both his talent and his commitment to four-track recordings has emerged. He just released a new EP called ‘Sixty Six’. You can download or stream it for free right here. And you should.

It’s a stunning piece of work, and a lovely, melancholy accompaniment to the bleary days of early January, as we reacclimatize ourselves to the demands of the working world and the grim weather we all seem to somehow forget the horrors of each year. 

Take a few minutes and get lost in Van der Saar’s grainy world. And share it with your friends. The world needs more music that slows things down and helps you to appreciate the desperate beauty of the world around you.