All right – another year, another opportunity to make outlandish and potentially impossible promises. But this time, only four albums! How hard can that be? Judging by last year, very hard indeed. But I live in hope. 

I went and worked on a track with Broke a couple of nights ago – it’s off to a good start, but it still needs a lot more stuff before I can share it. The visit also allowed me to grab all the tracks we’ve created together so far from Rich, which is exciting: it means that I can start thinking about how to shape what we’ve done into a record. A very different process from writing stuff from scratch. But I really like a lot of our tracks, and I’m hoping they’ll turn into something cohesive.

For the rest of this month, music will be very central to my life – Das Piumas is playing two shows at the beginning of February, with a bit of an interesting twist. Rather than play in Toronto, which has been the scene of all our previous concerts, we’re decamping to the country. Namely Thornbury, Ontario, a charming town about two and a half hours out of the city, near Collingwood.

In order to hopefully not completely alienate the crowd by playing original post-punk songs they’ve never heard before all night, we’re going to attempt some covers. The problem here is that I don’t know how to play any songs that I haven’t written myself. So I’ll be working feverishly to teach this old dog some new tricks. 

Tonight I’ve learned a Sloan song, and started work on an Adele tune, some Franz Ferdinand, a little White Stripes, and ‘Tighten Up’ by The Black Keys. It’ll be an uphill battle retaining all this new information, but I’m really excited about improving my playing and expanding my horizons. 

According to an email I received last night, I posted 226 times on this blog last year. Not a bad total, but the original plan was one post every day. That means I still owe you guys another 139 posts (138 now) to bring it up to the total. By the time I’ve posted all 365 entries, I will also have delivered all five albums in some form. This is the goal for this year: finish last year’s work, in every sense. So if you’re game for some more rambling and some ramshackle tunes, please join me for what I won’t be calling FourFourTwelve. You’re welcome.